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Our main motivation is to help children reach their full potential and allow them to learn about themselves and the World they live in.

Our curriculum is a child-centered approach, based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our Educators use the Framework to develop learning programs that are responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities through play.

Goulding Hill Preschool has an evolving vision to be an environmentally sustainable Preschool.

We have:-

  • rainwater tanks that flush the toilets
  • compost bin for children’s scraps
  • encourage unpacked “nude” food through our Nutrition policy
  • maintain an outdoor environment that celebrates nature


ghps-008The importance of play

Children’s play is an important and valued part of their learning.  Educators pay close attention and become involved with children’s play in order to learn more about them, the theories behind their play and to facilitate their exploration of the themes of childhood.

Through play, children explore and learn to understand the World around them.  The children’s play is guided by providing learning activities and stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Extending learning

From notes and observations, Educators can:

  • Provide planned small and whole group experiences
  • Introduce a variety of changing  materials and resources into the classroom
  • Encourage all children to make contributions to their learning
  • Invite families to be involved in a partnership in the learning process

Children’s self worth

It is such a rewarding experience to observe children feeling a sense of self worth because their current questions and interests are also being valued by those around them.

Children learn best when they have secure relationships with caring adults.  Through development of trusting relationships with the Educators the children feel more confident and able to explore and learn.


News or “Show and Tell”

We encourage News or “Show and Tell” with the children.  This can be an extremely rewarding and a confidence building exercise for your child.

Our Staff

Our dedicunnamedated team of Educators bring a diversity of qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge, which they use to make each day at Preschool fulfilling in every way.

Our Educators have worked together for many years, fine-tuning the programs that work for the children as well as providing a loving and stimulating learning environment, helping to nurture each child’s development.

They are welcoming to all families, respectful of each child’s differences and are truly dedicated Early Childhood Teachers who carry out their responsibilities with professionalism, integrity and sincerity.

The Preschool is committed to the professional development of all our Educators.  Staff undertake regular training and are constantly updating their professional knowledge in all areas of child development.





Reference:  “Belonging, Being and Becoming” – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.