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Goulding Hill Preschool was started by a group of interested community members in 1952, who moved into a garage in Hancott Street and then into the present building which was erected by Ryde Council in 1956. The building was extended in 1961 and then again in 1987.

Goulding Hill Preschool is a Non-Profit, community-based preschool that is run by the Director/Nominated Supervisor in conjunction with a Parent Management Committee, which is comprised of a volunteer group of elected parents.

Ryde Pre School

Parent Management Committee

The Parent Management Committee is the team responsible for running the business and financial affairs of the Preschool.  This dedicated and talented group of parents steer the budget, oversee the raising of funds, determine improvements and approve expenditure.  The Committee’s main role is to support the Director/Nominated Supervisor and her staff in their endeavours to provide a safe, fun-filled and well resourced early educational environment for local children.

Events and Activities

There are many opportunities during the year for parents to become involved in the Preschool community.  We look forward to getting to know you and welcome your support at events and activities.


We have a large library of resources for parents which focuses on your child’s development and day to day activities.

Whether you are new to Ryde or grew up in the area, Goulding Hill Preschool is a place where you can form lifelong friendships with other families and tap into a support network in your community, as well as help socialise your children outside of school hours.

We look forward to welcoming you warmly to our community!